The African Women's Health Group

Empowering Women...

Tel. 0114 242 1901



Subud Centre, Swarcliffe Road, Darnall, Sheffield, S9 3FA


Charity Number. 1013817


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The African Womens Health Group is a registered charity that identifies and develops facilities, addressing African & Asian women's (and refugee/asylum seekers') health-related issues, education and training needs. The group seeks to ensure that health services are accessible to the needs of African and Asian women and refugee / asylum seekers.

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We're an organisation that focuses on health and education working from the Darnall area of Sheffield in the United Kingdom.

We run a weekend 'Homework Club' for children aged 12 to 18 providing additional learning support for the core subjects English, Maths and Science.

We celebrate the achievements of our students!

We're a close team of experienced women who work collaboratively together to achieve the best possible outcomes for our students.